DISHA is a grassroot NGO based in Bhadrak Block,Bhadrak District, Odisha.

The dream to bringing to the community something that could change their lives, become real in 2009.We started with a small school for the deprived children, were we teach all the subjects, giving special attention to the English language. Currently we have 86 students with us that learn daily what their parents couldn’t afford in another English Medium School.

Since we started this big project, we felt the need to bring more and more to the district. In November 2010, for one day in KGVB School we offered a Health Awareness, where we discuss the problematic of tobacco for the body and for the community. In the end of the day, everyone participated in a Yoga class outdoors.

In 2012, in cooperation with D.S.W.O (District Social Welfare Office) it was made a day of Environment Protection Awareness in Zilla School of Bhadrak. Throughout the day everybody planted trees and participated in our Quiz and Painting Competition under the theme Environment. About 700 participants took part in this initiative.

In the beginning of 2013 we opened to all the community a Computer and Tailoring Classes. As the lack of support from Government to combat illiteracy or providing work opportunities to its citizens, we felt it was necessary to take action. With the special goal to empower women and youth in ICT and tailoring skills, these programs aim to give personal autonomy in sectors that grows every day. These types of practical expertise are an opportunity to produce an extra income to provide nutritious food for the family and to educate their children.

On the 1st of January 2013 DISHA decided to celebrate in a different way. To aware people against rape it was necessary to bring this subject to the community. In collaboration with two famous sand artists from Puri, under the slogan No Drink No Rape it was organized a Sand Art Exhibition against alcohol and its consequences. At night, thousands of candles were lightened in homage of Damini. More than 15000 people participated in the event.